I have decided the I am going to use this blog post as a sort of diary for all my theories that I have been posting in the comments that way I can keep them all within reach. If that is okay with the Admins of course. --Son of maul (talk) 20:51, May 1, 2015 (UTC)

Lord Vyce is an Alternate Universe 90's Kid

Granted with this theory I currently have only one piece of possible evidence but to me it is a pretty big piece.

"In the ending of The Trial Of Peter Parker, 90's Kid is seen talking with Vyce, spying on Linkara, saying that Vyce needs to be patient, and that when the time comes, Linkara will either be with them or against them." (I will freely admit I copied and pasted this from the 90's Kid article to save time)

To me this is a very big piece of evidence as Vyce mentioned thanks to the betrayal of Linksano he learned the only one he could rely on was himself. (AN:Later dig through to find the specific episode this was mentioned and give exact quote.) 90's kid is not the type that would make someone as stubborn minded as Vyce blatantly disregard this rule unless he wasn't actually disregarding it. If he trusts himself and if he is an AU 90's Kid all the 90's Kid of the Channel Awesome Universe would have to do is prove he is competent and not simply the one trick pony he plays himself off to be. I personally think a line in the movie even alluded to this when 90's kid told Obscurus Lupa, "...Make a huge spectacle and no one will see whats really going on." Though his tone does not change much when he says this it does change enough to be slightly noticeable.

Hopefully as time goes by I will have more proof to present on this theory but for now I think I have enough for it to at least be semi-credible and by that I mean its not to far of a stretch to believe Vyce is an AU 90's kid when you take this key piece of evidence into account.

Midsummer's Nightmare in June, Greetings from the Moon", Check the Puzzle Again, Support the Show on Paetron

So I watched the "Blue Skying, Part 2: Blue Beetle Ted Kord Part 2" and on it Linkara did and "EXTREME" moment. On it there were four things. There was Midsummer's Nightmare in June, Greetings from the moon", Check the Puzzle again, and support the show on Paetron.

I think the Midsummer's Nightmare could be referring to the Justice League three issue mini series of the same name. The reason for this being is because it is the only comic that pops up on google when I typed in the title plus the word comic. If anyone else has a better idea feel free to comment as frankly that seems a little too simple to me.

The Second is Greetings from the moon. Honestly I have no idea what this could be.Maybe its just a throw away or maybe something or someone on or from the moon is going to tie in with the story.

Finally we have what to me is the biggest one. Check the puzzle again. For those not familiar with it you can find it on the 90's Kid page. Some including myself have been trying to figure it out and posting our stuff in the comments. And I am sure there are hundreds of watchers doing the some in the Youtube comments but I don't read those as I don't want to spend forever going through. Personally I think it could have something to do with with the Babylonian Epic of Anzu though a user named Mattihase made a great comment containing his theory which is an interesting read... Wait... I just re-read his comment as I type this... Through my mind's process I have another theory about the moon part stated above. It would be natural to assume Greetings from the moon refers to the moon of Earth... But Europa is a moon as well... I think we all doubt Mechakara being dead. How did I get to this idea from rereading Mattihase's post well lets just say my mind takes weird turns and to show you how I got to this thought would require a flow chart.

Finally I include the Support the Show on Paetron because it only seemed right. Once I am finished with getting my finances in order I intend to do so myself and encourage all who read this post to do the same. That is all for now. See you all next time I have something to add.--Son of maul (talk) 03:21, March 16, 2016 (UTC)

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