When I watched the episode where Pollo sacrificed himself I cried. I couldn't believe it. I was watching a web-series about reviewing comic books and there I was crying for a prop. Why was I crying for a prop? That is what I analyzed and I figured out the two reasons why I cried. I had grown attached to the prop seeing it not as a prop but as a living, breathing (metaphorically) being in its own right and not only that but what initially appeared to be a rip-off of the death of Spock instead showed itself to be not a rip-off but a true homage to the famous scene.

After all the episodes of the show I found myself growing attached to this robot who was pretty much just a human with a different body. Many shows and movies have tried making robots appear human with varying success but Pollo just seems different from them all. He is a robot but he is also a friend to Linkara and a well payed producer of the show. Granted my knowledge in sci-fi robots is somewhat limited but I cannot think of any movie or tv show with a robot like Pollo. Though he may have a skin of blue metal (or cardboard, or whatever that one that looks like a hand puppet is made of) he has a soul of a human being willing to sacrifice his life to protect his friends.

That leads me into the second reason this scene made me cry. Many tv shows, movies, and written media have ripped-off the famous Spock death scene since Wrath of Khan came out. I say ripped-off because the ones I always see have no originality in them at all. Either they copy the event word for word with the exception of names or they replace with something they ripped-off from somewhere else. They do this in an attempt to draw on the sadness many of the Star Trek fans felt seeing their favorite Vulcan die. By contrast the speech Pollo gives is entirely original without a single reference to the one Spock gave. By doing this Louis has payed homage to a show that shaped not only his life but the lives of many other people (mine included) but he also did not use it as a crutch to be lazy and instead of lifting Spock's last words Pollo speaks of hoping he has erased all doubt in Linkara's mind of the possibility Pollo might become like Mechakara while Linkara tells him in deep sadness he never needed to prove it.

All in all this scene is one of the reasons I enjoy the show. I never thought I would see the day when an internet reviewer would post something in their video that would make me cry. (Not counting the times I have burst into tears from laughing so damn hard.) There are many other instances within the show that have moved me and I intend to write about them as well but for my first blog entry I just felt this scene was the most approprate as it is the scene that has moved me most for what it is. A Great homage with great amounts of originality.

--Son of maul (talk) 01:56, April 28, 2015 (UTC)