What can one say about AT4W the movie other then it was amazing. At least that is how I feel as a fan. I am sure some might look at it and see some video made by a nerd who reviews comics but those people in my mind are not important. I just want to layout all of my favorite stuff in it while at the same time addressing any issues I may have had. Also unlike Linkara and the others I am not a major reviewer so forgive me if I don't even try to come off as one cause frankly I am not and I know I am not.

First off I love we finally get to see how Linkara met Allen and also that Allen got a little more character development than just "Linkara's government liaison." We learn how it was thanks to Allen speaking up that the US government didn't just kill Linkara and take his ship and that Allen views himself not as Linkara's liaison but as his friend. He also gives what is probably my favorite line in the movie. "A couple weeks ago I had to keep look out for the vice-president while he took a piss in some bushes. Linkara normal is relative." I actually intend to get that put on a t-shirt.

Speaking of character development the movie's subplot is all about everything he has been through finally catching up with Linkara. A friend I showed the movie to said it felt forced to him but unlike me he is not a regular viewer of the show. For me it was nice to see Linkara actually look back at all he has done and contemplate how he feels about not having a "normal life." It is amazing to watch our beloved reviewer/hero seriously contemplate the stuff he regularly goes through rather then just the standard line he has given many times in the show that "my life is weird." (Or in some cases when talking with other people "our lives are weird.")

Now to talk about the comedy relief. I really felt the cinema snob shined in that role especially when he used his knowledge of certain types of films to act as a distraction. Just watching him talk about a rather disturbing scene from Caligula and smiling has he finishes you can tell there is more then one screw loose.

There were also some great tidbits we learned that may or may not end up being important. Like we learned 90's kid's real name is Evelyn. We also saw what has been somewhat alluded to in that he is not as stupid as he acts. He even tells Obscurus Lupa "Plus if everyone thinks your an idiot they under estimate you. That's the 90's really. Make a huge spectacle and no one will see whats really going on." This to me is foreshadowing but I will cover more on this in a separate blog that I really need to get around to actually posting material in.

The only real issue I had with the movie is when Linkara told Mechakara "Ya, Fuck you too." Do not get me wrong I am not some uptight "Oh you can't swear its wrong its sinful." I do not mind swearing at times when it is appropriate. Linkara is known for avoiding swearing on his show and this felt like he was doing it just to appease some fans who don't like that fact. Maybe I am wrong but it just came off that way. Now had it been something like Mechakara was standing over him with the barrel of his gun charging to finish Linkara off and Linkara said "Oh fuck." I would have been much more okay with it as that would be a more then appropriate time.

At the end of the day it met my expectations and actually exceeded them for a film with a budget of about $63,985. (Got this number from IMDB) Sure it was not some uber-cinematic masterpiece like Star wars or Avatar or any of those other big budget movies but for fans of Atop the 4th Wall I think we couldn't ask for a better movie.

--Son of maul (talk) 06:54, December 30, 2015 (UTC)

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