• Son of maul

    What can one say about AT4W the movie other then it was amazing. At least that is how I feel as a fan. I am sure some might look at it and see some video made by a nerd who reviews comics but those people in my mind are not important. I just want to layout all of my favorite stuff in it while at the same time addressing any issues I may have had. Also unlike Linkara and the others I am not a major reviewer so forgive me if I don't even try to come off as one cause frankly I am not and I know I am not.

    First off I love we finally get to see how Linkara met Allen and also that Allen got a little more character development than just "Linkara's government liaison." We learn how it was thanks to Allen speaking up that the US government didn't ju…

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  • Son of maul

    I have decided the I am going to use this blog post as a sort of diary for all my theories that I have been posting in the comments that way I can keep them all within reach. If that is okay with the Admins of course. --Son of maul (talk) 20:51, May 1, 2015 (UTC)

    Granted with this theory I currently have only one piece of possible evidence but to me it is a pretty big piece.

    "In the ending of The Trial Of Peter Parker, 90's Kid is seen talking with Vyce, spying on Linkara, saying that Vyce needs to be patient, and that when the time comes, Linkara will either be with them or against them." (I will freely admit I copied and pasted this from the 90's Kid article to save time)

    To me this is a very big piece of evidence as Vyce mentioned thanks t…

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  • Son of maul

    I Admit I Cried

    April 28, 2015 by Son of maul

    When I watched the episode where Pollo sacrificed himself I cried. I couldn't believe it. I was watching a web-series about reviewing comic books and there I was crying for a prop. Why was I crying for a prop? That is what I analyzed and I figured out the two reasons why I cried. I had grown attached to the prop seeing it not as a prop but as a living, breathing (metaphorically) being in its own right and not only that but what initially appeared to be a rip-off of the death of Spock instead showed itself to be not a rip-off but a true homage to the famous scene.

    After all the episodes of the show I found myself growing attached to this robot who was pretty much just a human with a different body. Many shows and movies have tried making rob…

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