Found by Linkara in SILENT HILL: DEAD/ALIVE #5, this mysterious black book is later revealed as part of a plot by the Last Whately and his sect of the cult to turn Linkara into their messenger. It may be written by The Entity, Dolorem, and/or the little girl in the Magic Gun.

In its premiere, Linkara flipped through several pages- one contained the following poem:

beneath the seas beside the flame
off the coast where the lost beast came
to bring the world misery and shame
a piece of the world is missing

the path you should have never crossed
the Beast exacts a heavy cost
the number of the Beast is lost
you will know it by its hissing

the bones from hell you cannot tame
devour your life and all your fame
that is the price to play its game
and all while you're reminiscing

Another bit of cryptic writing:

Those who are dead are not dead,
They're just living in my head,
And since I fell for that spell
I've been living there as well.

She didn't get to heaven. Not even close.

I didn't get to heaven, it hurts every time I don't go to heaven.

they didn't love me.

In The Godysey #1, Linkara is reading the book, however we can't see what it says.

In GAME BOY #1, Linkara flips through the book and finds newly-appeared writing:

IAMTHENEVERSHOULD (repeated over and over in lines) This is The Entity's writing

EVERYBODY IS GONE (with the word 'gone' repeated on random corners and angles) Unknown writer

More recently, in STREET FIGHTER #1, Linkara opens the book and finds, to his horror:


He pieces it all together, and snarls "Oh it is on, now!", closing the book furiously.

The "Lost Beast" poem is revealed to all be a reference to Missingno.

A while after the saga where Vyce takes over Nimue, 90s kid takes the book, indicating something is amiss.