The cocaine-powered supervillain from New Guardians #2, who appeared in physical form to annoy Linkara in the review of New Guardians #1. He speaks in Ultimate Warrior-like non-sequiturs and refers to himself in the third person. He apparently enjoys dubstep music and has a penchant for stealing shoes. He is played by Will Wolfgram, who also played a Pyramid Head, Lord Vyce, and later The Gunslinger, Snowflame being his first unmasked role.

Beginning with The Amazing Spider-Man on Bullying Prevention #1, Snowflame began appearing in stingers for each PSA Hell Month episode, usually to give his own public service announcement about things such as peer pressure or drugs. However, being Snowflame, his diatribes tend to lean towards the odd to downright bizarre.

  • His first PSA he talked about the magic of friendship which he learned from My Little Pony, though he only did so because he was promised 'the pink pony' if he did.
  • In his next PSA he talks about peer pressure and about how if you someone dares you do do it times fifty...all at the same time.
  • His third PSA just had him shaking Linkara demanding to know where his fuzzy slippers are.
  • In his last PSA Snowflame talks about solving world hunger...which he blames on tiny sandwiches. He then makes a huge PB&j with two heaping teaspoons of Suger. Has a hallucinogenic episode which ends with him staring at his bloody hands wondering what he did to get them this way.

Snowflame later reappeared in the post-credit stinger for Batman: Noel where he tried to pass himself of as the "Ghost of Christmas". When his ruse failed and Linkara was unimpressed, he revealed that he needs more friends.