The Plot Hole, as seen in To Boldly Flee

The Plot Hole is a space anomaly capable of twisting the mystical force known as the Plot. The hole was created from the remains of planeteer Ma-Ti's character and the power released during his battle with Malachite.



The first known influence the Plot Hole had on the critics of was during the coup d'etat of Kickassia, when it allowed the Spoony One to transform into Doctor Insano, even though they are clearly two entirely different people. It is also possibly responsible for everyone falling for the 'sweet and nice' routine of the Nostalgia Chick.

To Boldly FleeEdit

The Plot Hole was created shortly after Ma-Ti's battle with Malachite. The energy released during the fight tore a hole in the plot near Jupiter, which Ma-Ti shortly merged with after his physical remains (ashes inside an oatmeal can) were launched into space. A year later, the reviewers discovered that Ma-Ti's character was inside of Spoony before the battle with Malechite, and he was shortly apprehended by Senator Prick under the direction of Hollywood lobbyist Christopher Clod, who sent him to Europa, now habitable due to the powers of the Plot Hole. The Last Angry Geek, the Story Master, notes that Ma-Ti would have had no time to give his character to Spoony, and that it's improbable that anyone could have shot the footage the Critic recovered, implying that the Plot Hole is to blame for the inconsistency.

In Linkara's house, he had been attacked by Mechakara, demanding to gain information on Malechite's Hand, which he retrieved after Malechite was presumed killed. As the police arrived, Mechakara wound up being teleported to Nostalgia Critic's house and mistaken for Linkara (in no small thanks to the Plot Hole), where he encouraged them to join him on an adventure to make amends to Ma-Ti, save Spoony and save the world. To get resources to travel to space, they stole technology from Doctor Insano, and transformed NC's house into the USS Exit Strategy, and took of, being hunted by Clod's forces, led by Ferdinand von Turrell and General Zod.

Once the Critics arrived at Europa, they managed to save Spoony, and discovered that Clod had built a space station known as the Death Bomb outside the Plot Hole. Mechakara had managed to forcibly cyber-convert two critics on the way to Europa and nearly killed everyone aboard the Exit Strategy before being stopped by Obscurus Lupa and JewWario. Upon being told that Malechite's Hand was useless (and having this seemingly confirmed by Turrell, whose mic was still on), Mechakara beamed aboard Zod and Turrell's ship and began to attack them. The critics hacked Clod's fleet, and a space battle between the Exit Strategy and the house/ship commanded by Zod and Turrell broke out. The battle went badly, until the Comicron-1 arrived, commanded by Linkara.


The Plot Hole consumes reality after merging with the Nostalgia Critic.

While they defeated Zod and Turrell, Nostalgia Critic flew a small fighter into the Plot Hole, where he encountered the being that called himself the Writer. The Writer told him that Nostalgia Critic could leave his friends, and enter the Real World, where there wouldn't be any plot to give him meaning, just an endless amount of possibilities. Nostalgia Critic refused the offer and made amends with Ma-Ti, who finally accepted his death.

Outside the Hole, had the reviewers defeated Zod and Turrell and sent their ship into the Death Bomb, where the Thermal Detonator exploded (having been accidentally swallowed by Mechakara while fighting JewWario), killing them all. Meanwhile, the Plot Hole had become unstable, resulting in it consuming reality. Inside the Hole, Nostalgia Critic realized that if they couldn't defeat the Hole, they had to join it. Encouraging the reviewers of the world to point out every little thing that's never made sense to them, Nostalgia Critic merged with the plot hole to keep it stable.

When the Plot Hole consumed reality, it became reality itself, creating a world where there would be small inconsistencies.

The Machinations of WormsEdit

While not a full appearance, the King of Worms gazes into Linkara's mind in the storyline's climax during the Trial of Peter Parker review. There, the King peers into the Plot Hole itself. Inside, he finds the series' creator, Lewis filming, and then noticing the camera. He laughs at the King, as if he can see back through. The King then mysteriously dies...of fright.

PlotHole KoW

The King of Worms gazes into the Plot Hole.

Atop the Fourth Wall: The MovieEdit

The Plot Hole appears in brief stock footage and in passing, during discussion of the events of To Boldly Flee. Mechakara survives his apparent death at the film's first climax by having Malechite's Hand on his person during the explosion, which preserved his 'essence' of being. Upon being found and retrieved by the crew of the Caelestis, he was revived by sapping energies from the surrounding environment. He then forcibly converted the crew into drones and began attaching the shielding and hull scrap from the Death Bomb to the science vessel, turning it into a warship.

After confronting Linkara and killing Allen via an exploding console, the Caelestis runs out of power, forcing Mechakara to use the Hand to convert the lifeforce of one of the astronauts into energy. Linkara, Marzgurl and Nash beam down to the Executor's warehouse on Europa to find repair equipment and supplies. After Nash accidentally cuts his finger, it is discovered that the lingering effects of the Plot Hole include a powerful healing field that should last another year, according to Nimue. Linkara orders Allen's body be beamed onto the site, though as soon as he is alone, he is attacked by Mechakara. Mechakara is rebuked through the power of a deadly bee weapon, which buys enough time to revive Allen and ready the rest of the team.

After Mechakara is defeated, the dead astronaut is revived as well and they are freed from their mind control. The healing energy field is heavily drained by the act of returning the dead to life, and it will last at most another week. Linkara still offers the data collected to Allen, and to possibly ferry the sick and needy to the planet to take advantage of it.


  • The effects of the Plot Hole were done by Phelan Porteous, aka Phelous, who did a majority of the digital effects throughout the original ThatGuyWithTheGlasses Anniversary Trilogy.
  • The Plot Hole itself was inspired by multiple items in science fiction, including the 'swirly things' from the British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, the Genesis Planet from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (as well as 'spacial anomalies' from the various Star Trek TV series, such as the Bajoran Wormhole from Deep Space Nine (Linkara's favourite series).
    • The concept of the Plot itself as a metaphysical energy force is directly inspired by the Force from Star Wars.