The Nostalgia Critic (Sometimes referred to as just Critic or Mr. Macritic) is a reviewer from Chicago that mostly deals in movies, that takes center stage in the Awesomeverse, being the person who first founded Channel Awesome.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Little is know of the Critic's childhood, though it's assumed that he was named Doug by his parents (the origin of his deep hatred for the NickToon of the same name). He is known to have a brother, called Rob or ThatOtherGuy, that often assists him in writing and manual tasked around the studio. When in High School, the Critic made a number of home movies, as he wanted to make people laugh (Later his motivation for becoming a reviewer).

The Nostalgia Critic Edit

Sometime later in his life, the Critic started the online show The Nostalgia Critic, intending to deal with movies considered nostalgic. He continued with this for many years to come, reviewing infamously bad movies like Scooby Doo, the Room, and Stephen King's The Shining.

Channel Awesome Edit

At one point he founded Channel Awesome, with the intention of bringing a number of reviewers together under a common banner.This put him at odds with the Nerd, a prominent game critic, which he would come into fights with for many years to come.

Kickassia Edit

In 2010, the Critic led an invasion of the micro nation Molossia. The invasion was successful, but the new government started to crack under the Critic's careless rule, until the other Channel Awesome members (led by Angry Joe and Linkara) led a coup d'etat, leading to the defeat of the Critic. After the intervention of Santa Christ, it was decided that the nation would be given back to its original ruler.

Suburban Knights Edit

The following year, the Critic led another expedition. This time, the goal was to retrieve the Gauntlet of Malachite, an ancient sorcerer that achieved infinite power through the use of a magical stone placed in the gauntlet. He had lost in battle to the alchemist Aion, who used a magical ring, and lost his gauntlet. The Channel Awesome teams originally only sought it to earn money, but soon even the critic realized that they had to keep it away from Malachite, who had survived by not using his magic. By following the clues left behind by a role-player who had betrayed Malachite, they found the Gauntlet (now modified to a Nintendo Power Glove), and engaged in an epic battle against the sorcerer. All seemed lost, until the Critic's friend, Ma-Ti (from Captain Planet), intervened, using his ring, really the ring of Aion. The battle ended Malachite's long life, but mortally wounded Ma-Ti, who died in the Critic's arms.

To Boldly Flee Edit

The last of the Critic's major adventures came one year after the death of Ma-Ti. The critic was surprised by Spoony, who acted madly, claiming that the Critic had left him behind. Spoony was sent to be studied by a pair of doctors, while the Critic was advised by Last Angry Geek, who told him about the Plot, a magical force that tied the universe together, gave it purpose. Meanwhile, Spoony, who have been possessed by the character of Ma-Ti, tells the doctors that they need to find the Hole, somewhere near Jupiter. Before he can give more information, he is taken by Agent Prick, an agent of an agency who believes criticism to be a threat to decency.

As the Critic realizes something is amiss, he beams the crew to his house, and they agree on going to find both Spoony and Ma-Ti in the Hole, which turns out to be a Plot Hole, which warps reason and reality around it, now possessed by Ma-Ti, who blames the Critic for his death. Using machinery stolen from Dr. Insano, they retrofit the Critic's house into the USS Exit Strategy, and go to Jupiter.

On their way to Jupiter, they are attacked by Terl, Zod and Mechakara (Who has taken Linkara's place), who are agents of the executor, a Holywood executive who wishes to end criticism. As the Executor's grand weapon is destroyed by a coalition of the USS Exit Strategy crew and Linkara aboard Comicron I, the Critic enters the Plot Hole, and meets the Writer, an entity claiming to have created the entire Awesomeverse by writing out the adventures of the Critic. He offers the Critic a choice: Leave the Awesomeverse behind, entering a world where there is no unifying purpose, but complete freedom, or return to the Awesomeverse, saving his friends and everyone in it. He choses the latter, and confronts Ma-Ti, convincing him to let go of his anger. With Ma-Ti gone, the Plot Hole grows unstable, and Critic, rather than preventing it from consuming reality, let's it grow until all of reality becoms the Plot Hole, while he himself fuses with it to keep the universe stable.

Resources Edit

Despite not having openly shown magical powers, or a huge arsenal like Linkara, the Critic is a very resourceful individual, that can call upon a wide array of weapons, friends and tools.

Arsenal Edit

While not as varied as Linkara's, the Critic's arsenal is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Guns - A lot of them, though his preferred sidearm appear to be a simple handheld gun.
  • Melee weapons - Though not his preferred tool, the Critic has shown proficiency with melee weapons, including a Christmas themed longsword he used to slay the Christmassian queen.
  • Spaceship - The Critic has been in possession of space-capable transports on at least two occasions
    • The USS Exit Strategy: Stolen technology retrofitted into the Critic's house. Stolen back by Insano.
    • Unidentified spaceship: Capable of interdimensional travel, this ship was used in the Critic's review of Rapsittie street kids: Believe in Santa. With Malcolm and Tamara as his crew, he used it to travel to an unidentified dimension that was said to love christmas the most, which he properly destroyed using his own love for the holiday. Only the Christmassian queen survived in the cargo hold of the ship, but was soon dispatched by the Critic and his companions.

Powers Edit

The Critic possesses very few powers to speak of, though he has acquired, and lost, a few he rarely makes use of.

  • Induced Explosion - Following close contact with a meteorite, the Critic gained the ability to summon explosions at will. Though it originally was activated by mere thought alone, it has later seemed to weaken, and is now only triggered by extreme rage.
  • Temporal/Spacial manipulation (Partial) - The Critic has multiple times destroyed the world, or killed several of his companions, only to have them alive again soon after. In his review of We wish you a turtle christmas, he jokingly mentioned that he "Won't make it canon", suggesting that he can influence which of his actions has lasting consequences. This power was possibly gained from fusing with the Plot hole, though he claims to have lost all powers associated with the Plot.
  • Omnipotence (formerly) - While fused with the Plot Hole, the Critic gained something close to omnipotence, possibly putting him as one of the few characters in the Awesomeverse capable of standing up to The Entity, at least formerly. This power came at the cost of his memories getting unclear, as he was unable to recollect the identity of several close friends.
  • Omnipresence (Formerly) - While fused with the Plot Hole, the Critic effectively was reality, thus gaining complete omnipresence (Which manifested itself as a hotel room, likely because his mind couldn't grasp the reality of his predicament).

Contacts Edit

The critic has a large number of contacts on speed-dial.

  • Mr. Sebub - The literal devil. The Critic has multiple times been shown as having a friendly relationship with the ruler of hell, babysitting his daughter on one occasion. He also sold his soul to the devil at one point in return for a good Zod impression.
  • Santa Christ - The Critic is a good friend of Santa Christ, the greatest combination of holiday icons ever.
  • Benny - One of the world's greatest assassins. The Critic has been on both the administering and receiving end of Benny's guns.
  • Devil Boner & Hyper Fangirl - The hyper violent Devil Boner has been a friend of the Critic for years. Hyper Fangirl was originally an annoyance, as she had a great crush on the Critic, but it seems she has gotten over its, as she's now engaged to Devil Boner.

Enemies Edit

Throughout his time as a reviewer, the Critic has gotten quite the number of enemies.

  • M. Night Shyamalan - On-again/off-again ally, though usually an enemy with the goal of sucking out the critic's talent.