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Artificial Intelligence


Superhuman Intelligence, control over Comicron-1 and its systems


Amethyst, Allison Pregler

Nimue (Welsh, Nim-oo-way) [Or "Nims" as referred to by Harvey FInevoice] is the AI in control of Comicron-1 and it's assorted systems. The character seems to be mainly based on Starfleet computers in Star Trek, and, as far as it's appearance, the HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The name 'Nimue' comes from the Lady of the Lake of Arthurian lore, something Linkara has a great interest in. Nimue is voiced by Amethyst Angel, aka "The Prop Lady", in her first role on the series. Due to a scheduling conflict making Amethyst unavailable, Nimue was voiced in The Electric Tale of Pikachu and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock by Allison Pregler, aka Obscurus Lupa.

Character HistoryEdit

Nimue first appears in the Star Trek #2 review, where Linkara demonstrates it's rational problem-solving skills and, more importantly, that it will not try to conquer Earth. Linkara makes the poorly-timed decision to begin the transfer of the AI to Comicron during an ion storm, which causes Iron Liz to transfer to a Mirror Universe where Linkara is an evildoer who reviews comics as a scheme for world domination. With that universe's Nimue controlling Vyce's former vessel, he will be nigh unstoppable.

Back in the main universe, Nimue appeared again in Twilight Zone #9 to deliver status reports on Earth's population. She exposited that close to one billion people have gone missing worldwide due The Entity. With her assistance, Linkara sets up new security in the apartment, but these measures aren't enough, and Pollo is taken.

Nimue returned later during Linkara's confrontation with the Entity, revealing that Comicron-1 is under attack by the Entity and that the force field that shields the room that they're in isn't going to stop the Entity. She suggested to Linkara to try and capture the Entity with a Pokeball due to its Pokemon origins but he shoots down the idea on the grounds that the Entity has grown so huge and so powerful, he's not even sure what he'll be throwing the Pokeball at. After his review of Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu, she announces that the Entity has them surrounded, and when he says that it was nice to know her she responds with: "The emotion is shared". After the Entity's death she reports that everything that the Entity has absorbed has returned.

Initially it was unknown if Nimue is referred to as a 'he' or 'she', but in the review of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Linkara refers to Nimue as 'she' for the first time presumably due to 'her' feminine voice, and due to the practices of ship's being referred to with feminine pronouns.

Ghost of the MachineEdit

Recently in the series, Nimue has been having many malfunctions such as glitching up (claiming in the show that she's been severely over taxed), forgetting to keep thing's in check on Comicron-1, tracking certain individuals, force fields that have been noticeably weaker than before, and certain security protocols have been overwritten. which allowed Dr. Insano to steal Neutro back. These malfunctions have been never in one area and these are most likely happening because of another AI that is possibly been in Nimue's programming, the voice of the unidentified AI has been heard on occasion when she's glitching. Nimue seems to have been driven insane by this second voice in her head, or at least, some of her comments seem to suggest this. Since the AI was rewriting her code as well, it's possible that was also the cause. But some of Nimue's comments involving the King of Worms and obsession with fear may indicate that the King of Worms also caused her insanity. The cause may have been complex, and Nimue's comments while her mind slowly degraded may be unreliable, for obvious reasons.

In The Thing from Another World: Climate of Fear #1-2, Linkara goes on Comicron-1 to do some tests on Nimue. In response to this, she traps him onboard and moves the ship out of Earth's orbit. She also turns off the life-support systems in an attempt to kill Linkara, forcing him to deactivate her. This, however, removed the only thing resisting the invading 'AI', revealed to be Lord Vyce.

After being reactivated by Linkara in the auxiliary control, Nimue is completely restored and sane. Now knowing what intruded her systems, she engages Vyce in order to delete him. Vyce tries to counter, but Nimue easily overpowered him and almost permantly erased Vyce.

Computer CommandsEdit

Throughout the show, there are several commands Linkara and the others use through Nimue.

Emergency Procedure #1: Unknown.

Emergency Procedure #2: Locks down Comicron-1.

Emergency Procedure #3: Locks down the hallway area in Linkara's apartment with a forcefield.

Emergency Procedure #4: Traps intruders in a forcefield.

Emergency Procedure #5: Locks down Linkara's room with a forcefield.

Auto-Destruct Sequence:

Destruct Sequence 1: Code 1. 1A (Used by Linkara)

Destruct Sequence 2: Code 1. 1A. 2B (Used by Harvey Finevoice)

Destruct Sequence 3: Code 1. 1B. 2B. 3. (Used by Nimue)

Final Destruct Sequence: Code 000 Destruct 0. (Used by Linkara)


Nimue in the ship's computer.

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