The manly punch (aka the I AM A MAN! punch) is Linkara's first running gag, and is the bit most associated with his character.

Originating in the Superman: At Earth's End review, the title character (referred to as 'Bearded Idiot' due to his inability to act like Superman) confronts the robot Ben Boxer proclaiming that "You are an android. I AM A MAN!". Linkara then tells his viewers that, from then on, they should not resolve their differences by talking, but by yelling "I AM A MAN!" and punching them in the gut. He demonstrates and points out that girls should also say they are men, or it will not work.

Later, a variation of the jokes comes about as, now when performing the punch, he is able to magically pull items back when retracting his punching arm. Some of these objects include a Digivice, a controller for Sega Genesis, Bear, and Iron Liz.

In the finale of The Dark Knight Strikes Back, Linkara uses the third setting on his battlizer and punches the comic, which sets it aflame. He later uses the device in conjunction with the punch again in the Power Rangers Zeo #1 review, having powered up into Zeokara.