Magic Gun
Magic Gun
Linkara weilding the Magic Gun in the Brawl


Whately and the Silent Hill cult

Mortal name



  • Firing of various energy beams and plasma bolts
  • Nigh-indestructibility

Current wielder


The Magic Gun is most notably the first and main weapon in Linkara's arsenal . It is essentially Linkara's signature weapon, and, along with the Magic Coin, the spellbook, and the hat and coat, make up his basic set of accessories.

Mortal LifeEdit

For the longest time, any questions about the gun's origin or function were simply met with "It's magic, I don't have to explain it!", a dig at former Marvel editor Joe Quesada's explanation for One More Day. However, this changed in the Silent Hill: Dead/Alive reviews, in which the story of a cruel couple who worship an evil god of chaos is told.

The couple bore a daughter, who loved her parents immensely. However, they had only conceived her so they could sacrifice her to their god and create a weapon. While key members of the cult had escaped, the girl's anger and pain caused her to turn on her parents and kill the remaining cultists. Subsequently, the gun was found by someone else, possibly another cultist, and eventually wound up in the care of a young fledgling wizard.

Atop the Fourth WallEdit

In October 2010 finale, Linkara is treated to several malicious hallucinations, and is eventually pulled into the Other World. After managing to make it out of his room, he is attacked by the creature known as the Dolorem, the personification of the girl's rage and hatred. The Dororem convinced Linkara that he was the father of the girl and responsible for her death. Linkara, horrified and wracked with guilt, attempted to kill himself with the Magic Gun. However, the girl intervened, implying that she wanted him to live, and even thinks of him as a partner, and friend. Now sane and innocent of the Delorem's claims, Linkara then came back to his senses and destroyed the creature with the help of the girl's soul. While it was revealed that the Delorem attacked due to the intervention of Lord Vyce and Mechakara, a mysterious book was found in the room where he was attacked, full of mysterious poetry and references to a 'lost beast'.

Over the course of the next year, Linkara studies the book further, and, it is revealed during the ending of Silent Hill: The Grinning Man that the gun was created by a Silent Hill-based cult that had begun to worship the Entity, lead by Whately. After Linkara, his holographic duplicate, Iron Liz and 90's Kid dispatch the Pyramid Head guards, Linkara lets the girl in the gun have final judgement on her killer after he cannot remember her name. She has her revenge, and Whatley is seemingly vaporized.

During the intro of Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu, the Entity, having been masquerading as 90's Kid for almost a year, reveals himself and, when Linkara threatens him with the magic gun, he simply absorbs the gun itself, being made from a part of his own power. However, after Linkara talks the Entity into killing itself, the gun returns safe and sound, along with all others who were taken.

A mysterious figure enters Linkara's house in "Word to the Wise" who also possesses a Magic Gun, and demands Linkara hand his over. Linkara is able to scare him off, but as he comments that nothing can defeat him, the Magic Gun loses all its power, leaving Linkara shocked and confused. In the subsequent episodes, Linkara mentions that none of his advanced technology, save for what comes from Comicron-1 is working, and the reason is because, like the Magic Gun and coin, their power comes from magic; he had enchanted his toys to take on the properties of what they were intended to represent.

He weighs his options and sets out on a journey on-foot to recover his magic, or fix whatever is wrong. After a month or so of rumour-chasing and consorting with other experts, Linkara tracks down Aplos, a wizard. Aplos (real name Steven) is indeed sufficient with magic, and is even able to speak with the gun, revealing that the girl's name in life was Margaret. In a shocking turn of events, Steve tells Linkara that the problem is not with his magic, but with himself: he is slowly becoming evil.


Margaret appears before Linkara (Psychoman #1)

After leaving Aplos' home and beginning to come to terms with his dilemma, Margaret appears before him, in human form. She says that she was unsure about Linkara before, and if she could use her full potential with him as a partner. However, she is still his friend and wants to help him get better, and makes him promise to make a conscious effort. He does, and her corporeal form vanishes, and Linkara begins his journey home.

Margaret appears in human form again at the end of Star Wars #3, as Linkara teams up with Jaeris the Gunslinger to bring down Dr. Insano and then appears after the battle with Linkara asking if this will be a regular thing. She say's that there are rules to these things, quotes Star Wars, all the while leaving Linkara with a puzzled expression.

She next appeared in Holy Terror, when the Linkara of a Mirror Universe appeared. She asked if there was a girl sacrificed to be the alternate version of the gun Linkara has. She learns that, the alternate version of herself actually choose to be scarified. During the midst of battle, she is temporarily rendered unusable to fight by an anti-magic field weapon. Whilst the Linkaras fought, she was currently dealing with her own alternate reality double, and she simply shoved her aside after messing around with her a bit.

Her most recent appearance was in Delicious in Dungeon, Ch. 1, where she was summoned by a group including Pollo, 90's Kid, Doctor Insano, Harvey Finevoice, Lord Vyce, and Erin, in the hope that they could convince her to help them defeat The Entity that had possessed Linkara. She revealed that she already knew Linkara was possessed, because she was possessed as well. After taunting the group, she vanished.

She hasn't reappeared since, as of September 2018.


  • When Linkara first used the Magic Gun, he joked "it's magic. I don't have to explain it." This was an intentional dig at Joe Quesada and One More Day. This was the fist clip following a show that would latter grow into the elaborate narratives that have become a signature element of Atop the 4th Wall.
  • The girl's name was originally under heavy debate; fans of the show gave her the nickname of 'Meg', but Linkara himself said on Twitter that the name was not official, though he did state he liked the name Maggie. This also stemmed from a fan nickname, which was a shortening of "Magic Gun". Steve confirms in the storyline segment of "Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham #1", her name was, in fact, Margaret.
  • How Linkara came into possession of the Magic Gun is a humorous subject for fans, creating the theme song line "He has a magic gun/Where'd he purchase that?", and whenever asked on Twitter or at a panel, Lewis often cheekily replies "eBay". The True Origins are to be revealed on the "AT4W: Secret Origins" DVD.
  • The actual Magic Gun prop, a replica of a flintlock pistol, was purchased at a renaissance festival and is not, as some people have guessed, a toy. It also cannot be actually loaded, as the hole of the barrel is simply for show and only goes a couple of inches deep.
  • Little is known about the girl save for her tragic backstory, however her dialogue implies she may have been a fan of Star Wars. One of her lines to Linkara upon meeting him was "Doing is better than trying," a reference to Master Yoda's famous quote "Do or do not, there is no try."