The magic coin, an old and very powerful item, was one of the first items at Linkara's disposal, first appearing back in his YouTube days. The item's history before being owned by our favorite comic book reviewer are, at this time, unknown.

First introduced in the Godzilla vs Barkley episode, where it was used in the comic, and at the end to make Linkara grow. Soon after, in Neutro #1, Linkara used it do battle with Doctor Insano (in his first appearance), who was in possession of the titular robot at the time. When his "I am a man!" punch failed to stop the rampage (but succeeded in hurting his hand), he simply started blasting it with his (now equally giant) magic gun, defeating Insano.

The coin is later used as the power source for Linkara's first morpher, which he first used to even the playing field with Mechakara during their first major encounter. In an ironic twist, in Power Rangers Zeo #1 Mechakara takes the coin from Linkara's now-broken first morpher and is able to utilize it's power, growing to giant proportions. Linkara, being the consummate planner, stole Neutro from Insano, refitted the cockpit, and added new weaponry (though he was stuck using an NES Advantage in place of a more sophisticated control panel. He proceeds to blast the alternate Pollo into pieces, keeping the hand.

Later, during Doctor Who Classics #7, Linkara hands the now-repaired morpher to Iron Liz, with the magic coin once again acting as it's power source. In the ensuing battle, Liz uses it to morph for the first time, gaining a medieval armored form and her signature swords, Twinkle and Icingdeath. The coin's power also allowed her to fire energy bolts by crossing her swords and parting them. She, along with morphed Linkara, Harvey Finevoice, 90's Kid, and Lt. Alexander Munro, defeated Lord Vyce in battle, and subsequently exiled him to a far-off ice planet.


  • While the coin in Godzilla vs. Barkley was a 'magic silver dollar', the prop coin Linkara uses is actually a Pokèmon Trading Card Game coin, with Lugia on it.
  • When Linkara used the coin, he merely said "Make me grow." However, when Mechakara used it, he said "By the power and force of steel, By the purity of circuit and wire, By the blood of electricity, Make me Grow!"

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