Due to the size of the AT4W storyline, some characters show up only to play very bit parts. Otherwise, some characters may be the Dragon to the main enemy, and while still very important, they only get one or two scenes. As such, due to the lack of knowledge about them, they are posted here as opposed to their own pages.


Linkara's invisible monkey friend, who was confirmed to be real.


Cable front

Cable and his BFG

He comes after Linkara in CABLE #1 for insulting his comics. While he monologues his thoughts, Linkara simply throws a magnet, causing his cyborg parts to start sparking. He teleports away, leaving behind his BFG, and is promptly killed by Mechakara. As he is most likely dead, it's unlikely he'll reappear.

Countdown MonsterEdit

Countdown monster
A chimeric, cackling creature brought to life through Mechakara's power. It's punch causes Linkara to flashback to his breaking points throughout the comics. He is saved by visions of Harley Quinn, and defeats it with a stab and lightning-bolt from his Dragon Dagger.


The mad, gold vest-sporting, Leifeld-loving mirrorverse counterpart of Linkara. Though he is much more evil (he even has a goatee to prove it!), Iron Liz points out that he and Linkara aren't so different- they have defeated the same enemies (though Mirrorkara uses black magic and the opening credits suggest he killed Mirror Vyce), have similar allies, and review the same comics, among other things.

According to Mirror Pollo, he began reviewing Comics as a plan to take over the World, however it apparently made him even more crazy.

He was seen again in the 300th episode, Holy Terror, where it was revealed that he also had a magic gun, but the the mirror version of Margaret volunteered to be sacrificed for its creation. Linkara defeated him using a new morpher, specifically the Gosei Morpher from Power Rangers Megaforce, using a variety of his previous outfits and forms to defeat the evil Linkara, who used a device that negated Linkara's weaponry after a minute or so.

Mirror LizEdit

The Mirrorverse version of Iron Liz. She is almost exactly like the normal Liz, the main difference being her love of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, this being the thing that makes Linkara & Pollo realise something has happened.

Mirror PolloEdit

Au pollo
He is not much different than Pollo, and even helps Iron Liz get back to her own dimension. They key (and seemingly only) difference is his casing is that of the Tom Servo bot from Mystery Science Theater 3000. It is unknown how and where Linkara got this. It is usually in a display case, but he is Pollo's mirrorverse counterpart in Mirrorkara's review of Star Trek #2. In an interesting bit of foreshadowing, the Pollo 2.0 case is seen sitting in the glass case where the Tom Servo puppet resides normally.


Unlike Mirrorkara and Linkara's many similarities, he is radically different from his counterpart Dr. Insano. He seems fully sane, fights dark magic, is the champion of the Mirror Universe, and is generally very successful. However, like Insano, he is somewhat lazy, more intent to simply stun Mirrorkara than take control of the Comicron-1 to protect people in the long-term.

The Plaid NinjaEdit

The Plaid Ninja is an emissary from the "Evil Ninja Empire", an organization seeking to kill the mysterious Gordon and any of his allies, which may include Linkara.

The Plaid Ninja was first seen teleporting into Linkara's house to try and convince the Ninja-Style Dancer to join the Empire. When NSD refused, the Plaid Ninja attacked him with a kunai, followed by a 'Beanie Baby Technique'. However, he was beaten off with NSD's 'Cybermat Technique!', shocking him until he was forced to retreat.

Steven aka The Great Wizard AplosEdit

In Catwoman Guardian of Gotham #1, Linkara approaches the Great Wizard Aplos for assistance in getting his lost magic back. Now going by the name of Steven and living in an ordinary suburban home ("It's 2012 - there aren't a whole lot of people living in gloomy castles standing over crystal balls and crap like that."), he quickly decides that Linkara is an idiot, and treats him accordingly. He is able to easily converse with the girl in the magic gun, and reveals her name for the first time. He and the girl conclude that the problem isn't with Linkara's magic, but rather with Linkara himself - "You are turning evil".

He explains that Magic can be used for good, but unable to use it for evil unless with great cost. This being the reason why History doesn't dictate any Evil Wizards taking over the World at any point. He advices Linkara to think over himself to try finding a solution.

Twilight Zone NarratorEdit

Narrates the opening to the Twilight Zone #9 review in the style of Rod Sterling from the original Twilight Zone.



Whately (center) and his two Pyramid Head guards.

Appears in Silent Hill: The Grinning Man. He tells Linkara that they are attempting to make him their messenger, that Linkara has figured out is The Entity. Whately then attacks him with two pyramid heads. After the real Linkara, Iron Liz, and 90's Kid beam down, he rants to them on how he cannot be judged. Linkara agrees that he nor the authorities can judge him, but brings out someone who can- the spirit of the girl in the Magic Gun. Though he doesn't seem to know or remember her, that does little to stop the brilliant shot of light that comes out of the gun, destroying him utterly.

More recently he appeared alive again in Episode 400, to start a "future villian band" with two other villains from Linkara's past, a pyramid head called "Red Executioner" and Linksano as well as the inexplicably alive Gorge Burns, who was supposed to be narrating the episode. Also, he captured Pollo. Whatley thought Linkara's santity was weaning, claiming Linkara was a failure but then Linkara sang a personalized cover of "Getting Better". Whatley then ordered Red Executioner to kill Linkara but it turns out he was the pyramid head Linkara had captured with a Pokeball and refused to attack him so he tried to attack on his own but was ultimately stopped by Pollo, who was still captured and returned to where he was when he died by the end of the review.