Judas Liz
Judas liz
Judas Liz onboard Vyce's ship.




Weapon of choice

A replica sword of Frostmourne.


Skilled assasin

"Don't you recognise me dear? It's me, Judas Liz!" - Judas Liz (taunting Iron Liz).

Judas Liz (named for Judas Priest) is an alternate universe version of Iron Liz, and an assassin working for Lord Vyce. She is also apparently going around the multiverse killing all the other Liz's with her replica of Frostmourne from World of Warcraft.

She first appeared in the stinger for Iron Liz's Star Wars pen and paper RPG review. In into Earth-92501, Lita Liz (named for Lita Ford) is giving a negative review to Star Trek 5. Judas Liz then comes in, kills Lita, and utters the immortal words: "All that he sees, he conquers".

She next appears in Linkara 's review of Power Rangers Zeo #1. When Iron Liz attacks Mechakara, he tells Judas Liz to deal with her. They fight, ending with her teleporting back up onto Vyce's ship.

In the Doctor Who Classics #7 review, she's on Vyce's ship where he tells her that he is only allowing her to accomplish her goals (presumably, to kill all AU Liz's) because it helps him accomplish his goals.

Her latest appearance was in part three of Liz's pen and paper review of Warhammer Fantasy. In Earth-1313, Icon of Liz (named for goth band Icon of Coil[1]) reviews Bioshock. Judas Liz interrupts and murders Icon of Liz.

Judas Liz was referenced during Linkara's encounter with his mirror universe counterpart, in which Iron Liz briefly walks in and begins telling Linkara that she believes to have located Judas Liz, only to walk out after seeing Linkara is "busy" confronting his evil self.

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