Harvey shooting mechakara

Harvey Finevoice in Power rangers #1

Harvey Finevoice is a lounge singer, in the vein of Frank Sinatra, specifically modeled on the late comedian Phil Hartman's impression of the musician on Saturday Night Live.[1] He first appeared in a "Previously On" segment, wondering where his show was, indicating Linkara may have promised him a show at one point or Lewis may have had plans to do a show about him.[2]

He dresses much like a sterotypical 1940's man, and can be often seen holding a cigarette. He talks in a big city accent, often using slang from the time period he's from (i.e. "dames" or "knucklehead"). His primary weapon is a Tommy Gun, though recently he's been using a pistol. He usually acts cool, but he's been known to lose his temper on multiple occasions. It's been revealed that he's been married once, even having a son, and had been once been an alcoholic before meeting Linkara.


He, along with a few others, attempted to help Linkara fight Mechakara in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1, but ended up wussing out and running away.[3] Later on, he did a review of Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse while Linkara was missing. At the end of the review he sang "If You Should Want The Moon" by Eddie Brandt and Paul Frees.[4]

He then appeared in Doctor Who Classics #7, where he revives Lt. Munro, and helps take down Lord Vyce in the end.[5] Later, during Linkara's stay in Chicago for Suburban Knights, Harvey hit it off with the Cinema Snob's character of Vic, the Big Box Voice. The duo, instant friends, immediately go off to do some karaoke duets.[6]

The Entity Edit

He appeared in the stinger of the Barbi Twins #1 review, where he invited 90's Kid to karaoke night with him and Pollo. He came across the book that appeared during the Silent Hill: Dead/Alive arc,[7] read the poem within, and exclaims that he knows what it refers to. However, before Harvey can warn Linkara, The Entity appears and, after a brief struggle, Harvey disappears.[8]


Aboard Comicron-1

Harvey left garbled messages on Linkara's twitter, in an unsuccessful attempt to inform him about it. The Entity discovered this, however, and put a stop to them. He has since returned, along with the rest of earth's population, after The Entity's death.

The Gunslinger, Holokara, and Trapped in an Apartment Edit

In Marvel Team-Up #74, he was found attempting to fix Linkara's Magic Gun, after it had stopped firing last week. The tool he was given, Linkara's Sonic Screwdriver, has been turned back into a toy, due to the suppression of magic in the apartment.[9] It has, since then, been fixed.

While Linkara was trying to fix the Gun, he confronts Holokara after hearing that 90's Kid had been threatened by him, saying he must be malfunctioning. Holokara socks Harvey in the gut, warning him to stay out of his way, as it'd be a shame if he had to crush his throat. Harvey and 90's Kid (with help from Doctor Linksano and Pollo) attempt to destroy Holokara, but Holokara manages to defeat them. It's not until Linkara arrives that he's destroyed.

He, along with Linkara, 90's Kid, and Linksano, became trapped in the apartment, a part of an attempt from the Gunslinger to get Linkara's Magic Gun to full power. He becomes angry at one point, calling off everyone in the apartment, accusing them of not being who they say they are, most likely stemming from paranoia. Once the apartment returns to normal, Harvey tells Linkara that he needs to leave for a while, and he feels the concert tour he has coming up might be the thing he needs. When asked by Linkara if he'll be home for Christmas, he's says he'll see.

Harvey Finevoice's "A Christmas Carol" Edit

In Archie's Christmas Stocking, Harvey is seen doing a concert before a throng of screaming fans. Later, in his hotel room, he is visited by the Nostalgia Critic, who is now the Ghost of Christmas Past. The Critic says he needs to trust Linkara again, but Harvey feels he can't trust himself around Linkara. The Critic asks him how they even met, and Harvey flashes back to a review years ago, when Linkara spoke softly and had terrible lighting. During this time, his son had died and his wife left him. Harvey became a wreck, becoming an alcoholic and not doing a concert for an extended period of time. Linkara found him lying by the side of the road while he was training for the Amazons Attack review and helped him out. Harvey then says, after that, he made sure to always have Charlie's back. The Critic asks who Charlie is, but Harvey quickly corrects himself. The Critic then asks Harvey where he thinks he is. Annoyed, Harvey says he's talking to "the fashion-challenged critic who stops getting dressed half-way into it". The Critic (though mad with his comment) says he has to go and wishes him luck, to Harvey's confusion.

In Teen Titans #13, Harvey finds himself back at Linkara's apartment to see the Ghost of Christmas Present, yelping at the spirit's sudden appearance. When Harvey asks to be taken back to his hotel room, The Ghost of Christmas tells him he could, but he wasn't the one who brought him there. The two of them watch the review in the background. Once it's over, Harvey comments that "my kid sure knows how to pick 'em". When asked by the Ghost of Christmas Present what he means, Harvey once more corrects himself. The Ghost of Christmas Present once again asks where he thinks he is right now. Harvey becomes confused again, grabbing his face as he walks out the room.

In Batman: Noel, Harvey comes face-to-face with the Ghost of Christmas Future. Harvey, tired of this, demands the apparition reveals his face. The spirit obliges, taking down his hood to reveal an older Linkara, to Harvey's surprise (though telling him he doesn't care for the beard). Older Linkara points to the middle of the room, where a grave rests. Harvey becomes fed up, calling this whole experience a complete waste of his time, as he already knows his past life, the life he's currently living, and that he will eventually die someday, along with everyone else, demanding to know what the point of all this was. The Older Linkara once more asks where Harvey thinks he is right now. Harvey then goes towards the grave stone, kneeling before it, revealing that it's Charlie's grave stone, not his. Harvey begins to cry, revealing that Linkara looks exactly like Charile did, making it harder for him to move on from his son's death. He also reveals when Linkara left for three months to fix the Magic Gun, it was like losing Charlie all over again. The Older Linkara vanishes after pleading for Harvey to move on, as he'll never be his son. With one last farewell, Harvey stands up, back in the apartment. Linkara enters the room, after shouting to 90's Kid to stay away from the Egg-Nog, turning to discover Harvey. He's overjoyed at his arrival, asking when he arrived, to which Harvey replies that he just did. Linkara tells him to join the others, as Christmas is a time to be happy with friends and family, after which Linkara leaves the room. Harvey smiles, having begun to move on from Charlie's death. He sings "A Thankful Heart" over the credits, but in the stinger he realizes he left his stuff at the hotel.

The Gunslinger Conclusion Edit

In All-Star Batman and Robin #5, he's one of the people called to Comiccron-1 to find and fight the Gunslinger, who stole the Magic Gun. He mans the Weapons station.

The King of Worms Edit

In the end credits scene after 2001: A Space Odyssey #1, he returns to the apartment from a months-long concert tour, only to find nobody home. He complains how typical this is, but before he can relax, he collapses on the floor, a mysterious rhyme about the King of Worms is heard, before a Cybermat leaves his unconscious body.

In US-1 #4, it's revealed by 90's Kid that Harvey has not disappeared since his encounter with the Cybermat. Instead, he's still around the apartment, but 90's Kid has also said that he now talks to himself.

The story continues in The Thing from Another World: Eternal Vows 3-4. In an attempt to storm the dimension of the King of Worms, Linkara, Harvey and Dr. Linksano build a portal which Linkara will open with the power of his gun. However, it is revealed that Linksano is a robotic duplicate controlled by the King of Worms, as is Harvey, who renders Linkara unconscious with a weapon concealed in his fingers.

When Linkara awakens he finds himself in the realm of the King of Worms and discovers the real Harvey, whose mind is under the control of the King of Worms via a featureless platinum mask. Harvey takes Linkara to the King of Worms, and is latter seen with the real Linksano in front of the portal when Pollo's multiple bodies charge in to rescue Linkara.

Back in Linkara's apartment, Harvey is still shaken up by the events of the previous year and the fact that a duplicate was doing his concerts, but admits that his duplicate had a nice hat, which he keeps. He also admits he can't remember what happened during the year, which Jaeris thinks is for the best. When Linksano returns from his autopsy of the King of Worms, Harvey asks is he wants to know what's inside it. He, like the others, was shocked to learn that the King of Worms died not from their weapons but from its equivalent of a heart-attack, induced by fear.

Characteristics and PersonalityEdit

Harvey's usual demeanor is of a cool professional lounge singer in the style of Sinatra. He respects Linkara as well as Pollo and Iron Liz, and cares for them a great deal. However, his calm demeanor masks several personal issues. The death of his son left him scarred and shaken, to the point where his career and marriage failed him, and only through the aid of Linkara that he was able to put his life back on track. He also admits to having suffered from alcohol problems, which contributed to his downfall. The battle against Jaeris showed Harvey at his worst. His feelings of having lost Linkara -whom he considered to be a surrogate son- coupled with the stress of the previous weeks built to violent paranoia, where he accused everyone of being the enemy, as well as demeaning them for their flaws and faults. This episode left him shaken and feeling he could no longer trust himself and needed time alone, but he recovered by facing his demons and learning to move beyond them.



During a review attended by Harvey and the Ghost of Christmas Present, Harvey accidentally let is slip that he considered Linkara his kid. The fact that Linkara and Charlie were identical, combined with Harvey's pain over losing his son without having the chance to say goodbye caused him to view him as his son. This came back to haunt him during Linkara's absence, when Harvey and the heroes had to deal with the insanity of Holo-kara and Linkara's absence. It came to a head when they were all trpped in the apartment and Harvey opened up about the anger and betrayal he felt from Linkara's recent actions. The ramifications of his outburst caused Harvey to seclude himself on tour from the others, fearing he could not trust himself.

Following his return on Christmas Harvey resumed his old relationship with Linkara, and everything seemed righted.

Iron LizEdit

Harvey respected Iron Liz while she was on the show. When she took over in Linkara's absence, he complimented her review. In her next review he told her not to imitate Linkara and be herself. They also shared a few drinks while Linkara tried to christen Comicron-1.

Dr. LinksanoEdit

When Harvey and the others were trapped in Linkara's apartment, Harvey vented log-heled feelings of animosity toward Linksano, deriding his skill, his intelligence, and questioning his loyalty in light of recent problems the heroes had faced. It is implied that the two were still willing to work in defense of their dimension when emergencies arose -such as in the case of Vyce taking over Comicron-1, but the two are never shown making amends for what they said.


Harvey and Pollo seem to have a good working relationship, based on interactions in past crises. When Linkara first disappeared Harvey urged Pollo to find him, but trusted to Pollo's abilities to do just that. He also abided by his decision to have 90's Kid review a comic while Likara was gone, but did not like it.

Overall Harvey respects Pollo as a person and not as a robot.

90's KidEdit

Like most characters on Atop the Fourth Wall, Harvey dislikes 90's Kid, to the degree that he calls him "idiot" while 90's Kid is in the room. However, he does attempt to be cordial to the kid, agreeing to take him along to karaoke, on the condition that 90's Kid behave himself, implying they had gone out before and the kid has acted stupidly. When the main cast were locked in Linkara's apartment Harvey lashed out at 90's Kid for his lack or intelligence and out of fear that the Kid was still possessed by the Entity, in spite of evidence that the creature was dead and 90's Kid was not possessed. Whether they made up off-camera following the experience is never shown.


Ninja-Style DancerEdit


Harvey's relationship with his family has not yet been explored greatly by the show. While he was never seen interacting with his son Charlie, he was deeply hurt by his death, to the point where his whole life fell apart. He admitted that the hardest part for him was that he never had the chance to say goodbye to his son, and carried the pain with him until he confronted it in Linkara's review of Batman: Noel. Given his dialogue during this, it seems he blamed himself for his son's death, but the truth of the matter is never given.

The relationship between Harvey and his wife is even less developed than with Charlie. He admits that they separated following the death of their son, and we can presume Harvey hasn't spoken to her in some time, as he never mentions her.

Alien HarveyEdit

Alien harvey finevoice

Alien Harvey Finevoice

In the non-canon alternate endings to the Silent Hill reviews, Linkara encounters an alien version of Harvey, who is identical to the regular one, but they are still not the same person. Much like the UFO Endings for the games, these sequences are told through still shots and voiceovers. In the first Alien Harvey ending, he promises to take Linkara to a planet with only good comics, and the pair sing "Fly Me to the Moon" over the end credits.[10] The following year, the aliens (who turn out to be jerks) are soundly defeated by the Space Power Rangers in the AstroMegaship. Alien Harvey and Linkara then go into space.[11]


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