Hello, and welcome to the official Atop the Fourth Wall Wiki! This wiki is officially sanctioned and endorsed by Linkara[1]. The purpose is, of course, to catalog the cast, equipment, and events on AT4W, mainly during storylines.


Who owns this wiki?Edit

  • Technically, Mobias is in charge of the wiki and it's content as he is the founder, but no one actually owns it.

What exactly is Atop the Fourth Wall?Edit

For more information, we whole-heatedly recommend the AT4W Plot Guide.

Where else can I find this information?Edit

I feel like I've seen this Linkara guy before...Edit

  • If you watch a lot of the content on, then you probably have! Linkara is a featured contributor on the main website, and the anchor talent for the 'Inked Reality' sub-network. Lovhaug has played the Linkara character in all three site anniversary specials, playing a large role in the Year Two film, Kickassia. He also occasionally appears in videos with other contributors, most notably The Spoony One and Iron Liz.

He has a magic gun? Where'd he purchase THAT?!Edit

  • One of the great mysteries of the show is where he obtained the Magic Gun, the Magic Coin and the rest of his equipment, in particular the various weaponry in the Arsenal of Freedom. Hopefully we'll find out someday ^_~
    • This joke has been made redundant. Short answer: he was given the items from a crazy old feller, and used magic to enchant his toys into working like their fictional counterparts (i.e. the sonic screwdriver, Power Morpher etc). Still good, soooo I'm leaving it up.

Editing GuidelinesEdit

1) Please proofread before posting!

  • We want an attractive, easy-to-read resource for all AT4W fans. Posting something without proper spelling, grammar, or punctuation just creates more work for the other wiki editors who have to fix your mistakes.

2) Please source facts when possible.

  • No real explanation for this is needed; unlike most wikis, we don't require sources for edits, but it is strongly encouraged so we know what is true and what isn't. Most of our sources are either tweets written by Linkara, answering fan questions, or his forum posts.

3) Screenshots

  • Have a cool still picture taken from an episode? Great. BUT, we do have a few rules regarding what you can and cannot upload for article use.
    • No duplicate images.
    • Screenshots cannot have watermarks (the pause/play button or timeline from YouTube or Screenwave)
    • Please use the PrtSc button on your keyboard to take screenshots, NOT a digital camera or cell phone camera. If you absolutely must, take a screenshot using your phone if viewing on the YouTube or Screenwave players.

4) DVDs have a spoiler grace period of one month

  • AT4W is on DVD! As the previous three DVDs have been out for over a year (almost two), their content will be shared amongst the Wiki pages. However, for new DVDs, we are requiring a one-month period where you cannot post spoilers of that DVDs content, especially any storyline segments (such as in Vol. 1 Secret Origins)

5) Linkara and Lewis Lovhaug are different people

  • While the articles of this wiki are written from a mostly in-universe perspective, there are pages for the talent involved, such as Lewis, Liz, Will, and Amethyst Angel/The Prop Lady. As such, information about Lewis in real life (like the MST3K fanfilm he made, or his webcomic Lightbringer) go on his actor page, while information regarding the character of Linkara goes on the main Linkara page.

6) If you are unsure about any of this or have a different question, ask a mod!