This article is about the robotic worm featured on AT4W. For the original Doctor Who creature, see Cybermat.

The Cybermat aboard Comicron-1




Power Draining, Levitation, Partial control over Comicron-1's systems.


Dr. Linksano

The Cybermat is a robotic sentry for Comicron-1, created by Dr. Linksano.

Linksano had planned to use it to attack Linkara, but it instead ran into his arms and let him pet it. After Linkara persuaded the madman to work under him as a scientific advisor, the Cybermat was tasked with defending Comicron-1 against Lord Vyce (Believed at the time to be Mechakara) and other threats.

When Vyce damaged the ship through the engines, the Cybermat freed Linkara and Pollo from Level 2, aiding Linkara in the attack on Vyce's semi-upgraded "Pollo" body. While Linkara distracted him with a Phaser, the Cybermat leaped onto Vyce's circuit-exposing back and drained his energy. He chased the fleeing Vyce through the ship, though he managed to teleport away. When Vyce attacked, it once again freed Linkara as well as Harvey Finevoice.

The new Cybermat was unleashed on the Gunslinger, distracting him so Linkara could attack him.

There may be multiple Cybermats, as Nimue mentioned it was 'a' sentry.


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