Comicron-1 in orbit over Earth


Lord Vyce; then Linkara


Lord Vyce


  • Interdimensional travel
  • Temporal/deflector shields
  • Vast array of weapon systems
  • Holodeck
  • Teleporter

Current Owner




Linkara bridge

The Vyce Ship was the main source of power for Lord Vyce, and was connected directly to his suit. It is how Vyce got to our dimension and was his main form of transportation. It was also home to Linksano for a time, and has many rooms that have yet to be seen, including an armory, a hangar bay, a holodeck and a minibar.

During the epic battle, it was taken over by Angry Joe and the his army, and Vyce was cut off from it's power supply, rendering him mostly powerless. Whether it can be reconnected or the power can be rewired into something else has yet to be seen.

After the battle, Linkara spent a few episodes exploring the ship and moving some weapons onto it, usually while wearing a Starfleet uniform, signifying his new role as a ship captain. He rechristened his ship Comicron-1 and it is one of the most powerful pieces of firepower in the arsenal of freedom to date.

In the Star Trek #2 review, Linkara uploaded the artificial intelligence Nimue to run the ship's various functions. However, he did so during an ion storm, but we have not seen if this has dealt any changes to her programming.

When Linkara went on a journey and left Holokara in charge, Holokara had Comicron-1 aimed at Marvel Headquarters in an attempt to get them to undo Spider-Man: One More Day. Linkara then had Dr. Linksano fry the circuitry of Holokara's holoemitter, effectively 'killing' Holokara.

In a cameo for Smarty's Series "The Machinimist" Smarty Flies headfirst into the hull of the ship causing massive repairs to be done. We still do not know how much it cost to repair the shields...

It was later taken over by Vyce when he became living data and twice failed to take it over the ship in Pollo's old body. Vyce did this by taking over parts of Nimue, and taking over every part of Comicron-1, save for the auxiliary control. Vyce was later deleted by Nimue, though he managed to escape by downloading himself into a Shade and teleporting to Earth.

During To Boldly Flee, Linkara showed up to rescue everybody in Comicron-1.

In Star Trek / Green Lantern The Spectrum Wars, the ship experiences multiple critical system failures and crashes on the moon. Nimue downloads to a system on Earth, and the crew escape in the Vigilant.

Capabilities Edit

Comicron-1 is in every sense of the word a flying arsenal. It is equipped with multiple turrets that can attack at every angle, as well as a devastating, forward-firing lance that can damage almost anything, though the lance has a heavy power cost, and will be ineffective if Comicron-1 is damaged.

Comicron-1 also has different kinds of shielding. In addition to basic force fields, it is equipped with temporal shielding, which appears to be a defense against any force attempting to get in the ship. With these shields active, signals, regardless of strength or urgency, will fail to reach it unless there is someone who is simultaneously inside and outside the ship like Nimue is. The shields are incredibly powerful, and appear to also be capable of repelling the Entity, though the shields would've fail within the hour.

Comicron-1 is also equipped with a shielding called the force wall. While not much details have been given, and the term seems to be someone interchangeably with the temporal shielding. However, from what information that has been given, the force wall appears to be an advance force field designed to ward off attacks, though comments said about it seem to give the impression that it can only be active for a limited time.

The ship's interior


It also has a scout ship named Vigilant, located in it's hangar bay, though it has yet to be seen.


  • The Ship and interiors were designed by Doug Walker's title card artist, Marobot, who also did the artwork for the Silent Hill: Dead/Alive prologue segments, as well as the only title card in that series of episodes.

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