Linkara pissed in fullscreen

The Awesomeverse's Champion.

A champion is a lone individual who will always stand up to defend their world from perceived threats. When they fall, their universe falls with them. The term was first coined by Lord Vyce, using it to describe Linkara. He has allegedly defeated sixteen Champions so far. Vyce has stated there are ways of detecting who is a Champion, but those ways of detection are unknown.

Known Champions Edit

  • Linkara - The champion of the Awesomeverse/Reviewaverse. Likely not the only champion of this universe
  • Mirrorsano - The champion of the Mirrorverse.
  • Alexander Munro - The champion of the Star Trek Expanded Universe.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lewis has stated in audio commentary that Linkara is in fact not the sole champion of the Channel Awesome Universe and opened up the possibility of there being multiple champions, but this has yet to be expanded upon in universe.

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