The Arsenal of Freedom as seen in the show's opening credits.

The Arsenal of Freedom
collectively refers to every weapon Linkara has ever used or shown in his fight against evil.[1] It's title is derived from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It turns out that, save for the Magic Gun and a few other items, all of the items in the Arsenal of Freedom actually are toys, but transformed into the tools and weapons they represent via a series of spells.

Items currently in the ArsenalEdit

The Arsenal of Freedom solely consists of items used by Linkara in his fights. As such, items belonging to Iron Liz (Twinkle and Icingdeath, etc) do not count as weapons in the Arsenal.[2]

  • Magic Gun - A weapon of incredible destructive power, harnessing the essence of a girl tortured by her monstrous parents and their cult, which worshipped The Entity. The gun was crafted to be the ultimate weapon against all who opposed their god. However, the girl's anguish and rage caused their weapon to backfire, destroying them with their own creation. The girl also has a demonic entity at her disposal, the Dolorem. It is likely what killed most of the cult members and her parents.
  • Morphers- A Power Rangers Dino Buckler (from the first incarnation of the series), used to heal Linkara and give him a temporary power-up. It's first real use was the first Mechakara fight, enabling him to fight the robotic psychopath to a standstill before seemingly defeating him with the Cable gun. During the 'rematch' fight, Mechakara disabled the morpher, and subsequent episodes saw Linkara attempting to repair it despite now having the Zeonizer (see below). He gave the fixed morpher to Iron Liz, who used it for the Lord Vyce showdown. Instead of morphing into Linkara's Power Suit, her morphed form was that of a medieval knight. It is assumed that Liz still possesses the morpher for future battles. He also possesses at least 12 Morphers, 1 or several from each series of Power Rangers. He has also shown the following though they have yet to be used in battle: a Delta Morpher, a Transmorpher, a Rev Morpher, an Omega Morpher, a Thunder Morpher, a Brachio Morpher, a black Growl Phone, a red Mystic Morpher, a TIme Force Morpher and a briefly-seen, unidentifiable morpher. (Note that they have only been shown in the Q&A, and may not exist story-wise)
  • Zeonizers- Are used by Linkara to become the White Zeo Ranger. Require an extended period of time to recharge, so are only used in emergency circumstances where he requires a massive energy boost.
  • Battlizer- surrounded Linkara's fist in a red glow, allowing his signature "I am a man!" punch to harm Mechakara. It has 2 other modes which were mentioned.
  • Magic Coin - A coin of unknown origins (much like it's Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley counterpart) which can make someone grow giant sized. In the comic, the magic coin is a silver dollar, but the one used on the show is a Pokemon coin from a starter deck. The second Mechakara fight revealed that the Magic Coin is the one used to power his Power Morpher. Though the morpher was damaged, the magic coin was apparently not, and Mechakara used it to grow and terrorize the Twin Cities. It is assumed the coin was reobtained by Linkara after Mechakara was (seemingly) destroyed and again used in the Morpher. However, the next time the coin was used as the Morpher's energy source was for Iron Liz, giving her medieval knight armour.[3][4]
  • Captain America's Shield - Used to defend against Vyce's Laser, though it did not help much in the ensuing beat-down.
  • Gold Power Staff - Shot lightning from the red jewel at the tip, which was used to deal good damage to Mechakara before he became immune. (Has two more of varying quality.)
  • Sonic Screwdrivers (4+) - Signature items of the Gallifreyan known as the Doctor, and another of the items utilized by many TGWTG reviewers. On AT4W, the screwdrivers are used mainly to repair broken tech or scan items. They played a large role in the Vyce fight, being used to first supercharge the Cable gun then turn Vyce's helmet into an echo chamber of sorts. Lately, they've been mostly used to scan things such as The Absent Grimoire. He had three models- a Mark II, a Mark VI, and a Mark VII. He then got a custom screwdriver kit, and has used his customized model in several videos since.
  • Neutro - Main article: Neutro
  • BFG (aka Cable's Gun)- The weapon Cable left behind. Linkara used it on Mechakara, and later Lord Vyce. It can fire a large green ball of energy, or a green laser. It was once supercharged, causing it to turn different colours and be much more powerful. It has now become the signature weapon of 90's Kid. One of the few non-magic weapons in the arsenal. Behind the scenes it is called the Super Soaker CPS 2500.
  • Gatling Cannon (Handgun/Chain Gun/Minigun)- Powerful, rapid-fire weapon, a favorite of 90's kid. Used against many foes by both him and Linkara. Was inexplicably found in a pink box when Linkara was trying to escape from the second Pyramid Head.
  • Phasers- He has so far used 2 new Type 2 phasers, a classic Type-2 Phaser, 2 classic Type 3 Phasers, and one new Type-3 Phaser.
  • Dragon Dagger- Main article: Dragon Dagger- Linkara's near-constant secondary weapon, usually used to fire powerful lightning, though sometimes used in melee combat to stab.
  • Dragon Shield- Used in both the White Zeo Ranger and Green Ranger costumes.
  • Vyce's Laser- Used in both his fights. Is one of the materials capable of damaging his fully-powered armor. Is in Linkara's possession following his defeat.
  • Powered Up Zeo Pistol- Used to chase away Judas Liz.
  • Clue Stick- used on the first of four different Pyramid Heads, stunning it. Attempted to attack the second Pyramid Head, and later Lord Vyce in their rematch with the same one, but failed.
  • Comicron-1 - Main article: Comicron-1
  • Great Knife- At least one, possibly two. The regular weapon seen with all four Pyramid Heads.
  • Camelot Sword and Sheath - only used in the TGWTG third anniversary movie. Linkara dressed as King Arthur from the play Camelot. He was originally going to bring a real sword, but used a Cloak sword for safety reasons. It is not actually a Cloak sword story-wise, however.
  • Blade Blaster- Transforms from blade to blaster, used against Mechakara.
    Blade blaster

    Linkara using the Blade Blaster

  • Saba sword- Used against Dolorem, seen briefly on the floor during the rematch against Lord Vyce.
  • Shade Dagger (unknown how many)- Small, curving blades which can also shoot blasts of energy.
  • Bat'leth - Was used by the holo-Linkara to quickly dispatch the third Pyramid Head.
  • Super Silverizer- Used against the Vorsoth. Can shift to a slim energy blade.
  • Mobile Emitter- A tiny device that allows holograms to move around freely.
  • Tricorders- While not weapons, they are frequently used to scan energy traces. The Entity, through the Missingno. glitch, gave Linkara an additional 128 of them.
  • Poké Balls- Used to catch two seperate Pyramid Heads.


  • He once threatened a Dogbert plushie with a white toy sword.
  • In his training montages in the Amazons Attack Prologue, he had boxing gloves, a blue Lightsaber, an odd wrist-mounted blade, the Saba sword, and what appears to be a Freddy Krueger claw. He wielded the latter three, and his Magic Gun, at the same time. After questioning what the comic could possibly do, he was shot by Indiana Jones in a parody of the SNL Dear Sister sketch
  • He had a brown sword (The 'Spin Sword' from Power Rangers Samurai) in his 'Irate Comics' April Fools video, which "blew up" the comic in a comically delayed explosion.
  • The Miller Time watch could be counted as a joke item, since its only observed use is signalling/warning when there's a comic by Miller.
  • Linkara stated during a Q&A after his "Johnny Turbo" review that his next story arc, "Guns & Sorcery", will be explaining how Linkara was able to acquire such technology.
  • After boarding Jearis' ship, Linkara stole a magic gun after firing and stating "I'm keeping you." It is unknown as of yet if Linkara gave it back to Jeraris or if he actually kept the gun.



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